To be of service.

As a young person making my way in life, I had many new experiences and challenges before reaching university where I studied Psychology. After acquiring an honours degree, I secured a placement on a management graduate scheme, which cemented my desire to become an expert in management within the voluntary and charity sector. This is where I spent the next 25 years of my career- changing lives. Human behaviour fascinated me, so I decided to add a certificate and diploma in Life Coaching to my bow, but more importantly, it is my life experience that has taught me the most about people.

I’ve been on the roller coaster of life and discovered the meaning of true happiness, and not just for a moment, but for a lifetime. Just like 95% of the population I was searching for peace of mind. The truth is it’s an inside job, and through this incredible journey I have come to realise my purpose…to be of service.

It’s not easy to ask for help, but we could all do with a little from time to time. That’s what a Life Coach does. They step alongside you for a while, guiding you to become unstuck, and sure enough, the fog begins to lift.

In the life coaching process, the focus is solely on you as you discover the old, and the new. You will come to understand more than you ever did about who you are, and the life you want to live. As a new road is mapped out, fear will no longer hold you back. You will feel like you are going to burst, as you soar to unimaginable heights, and make your dreams come true. Your true values will be your invisible armour, no longer trying to find peace and happiness out there, you will be able to navigate the world’s obstacle course with renewed hope and determination. Peace of mind will be yours. My clients tell me, the life coaching programme was the best money they ever spent on themselves, so take a look at the testimonials.

The coaching programme

10 hours of coaching takes place over six weekly sessions. The package costs £1500. No further coaching sessions are required after the programme. Some clients choose to book a two-hour review at a three-month milestone, at an additional cost of £300, but there is no obligation to do so.

In two minds?

Let’s face it, you can go and buy that designer bag…or you can change your life. Your choice. If you book a free consultation appointment, there is no obligation to commit. If you have your first session and think you have made a mistake, no problem- I will refund your money and we’ll call it quits.